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Towing Services

We have a complete service available 24/7, 365 days a year. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, we are fully licensed and cargo is insured to protect the customer. We believe in providing the best towing and wrecking services possible at honest, no-frills prices you can afford.

Cash For Junk Car

Tunas Towing service offers you the full market value of your junk car. Because we own our own salvage facility with scales built in, we allow the customer to cut out the middleman and get the best price for their car. Get the most out of your junk car while going greener and helping clean up the streets of Los Angeles.

Auto Wreckers

What if you were in an accident today and damaged your fender? Would your alternator still not be okay? Recycling is common sense. Just because a car crashes doesn't mean the rest of the parts aren't right! Help reduce environmental impacts, remanufacturing and pollution with us.

We offer free pickups and cash on the spot